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Born goodness know how long ago in Newmarket, Suffolk UK. Went to Houldsworth Valley Primary School and then Newmarket Secondary Modern. After a very brief spell as a GPO Telephones trainee (didn’t enjoy sitting in a field making tea!) served an apprenticeship as a Design Draughtsman at Magnetic Devices (fondly known as Magic Gadgets), then a contractor designer at several places including Pye Telecom (subsequently Philips and Simoco), then Newmarket Microsystems (formerly Newmarket Transistors) followed by several other names until finally it closed and the building demolished, then to a mobile data company who kept being taken over and finally to a design consultancy in Melbourn UK which was the best job of all, and didn’t keep changing names!

As a hobby I quite enjoy taking the occasional photo.
Quite a few of my snaps are on my Flickr account see button below.
Since I retired my wife Linda and I have taken on an allotment in Exning which we both find most enjoyable and it is an excuse for me to think up and build various widgets! For example a scheme for capturing rainwater from the polytunnel cover. Such fun.

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