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Born goodness know how long ago in Newmarket, Suffolk UK. Went to Houldsworth Valley Primary School and then Newmarket Secondary Modern. After a very brief spell as a GPO Telephones trainee (didn’t enjoy sitting in a field making tea!) served an apprenticeship as a Design Draughtsman at Magnetic Devices (Magic Gadgets), then a contractor designer at several places including Pye Telecom (subsequently Philips and Simoco), then Newmarket Microsystems (formerly Newmarket Transistors, then to a mobile data company who kept being taken over and finally to a design consultancy in Melbourn UK which was the best job of all.

As a hobby I quite enjoy taking the occasional photo.
Quite a few of my snaps are on my Flickr account see button below.
Since I retired my wife Linda and I have taken on an allotment in Exning which we both find most enjoyable and it is an excuse for me to think up and build various widgets! For example a scheme for capturing rainwater from the polytunnel cover. Such fun.

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